Hydro-Chem Cor­po­ra­tion is a Cleve­land, Ohio based, locally owned and oper­ated water treat­ment com­pany. Serv­ing the region since 1972 we spe­cial­ize in treat­ing steam and hot water boiler sys­tems, cool­ing water sys­tems (cool­ing tow­ers, chillers, and closed loops) for both indus­trial and com­mer­cial properties.

Our goal is to pre­vent cor­ro­sion and deposits from occur­ring in these sys­tems and solve cor­ro­sion and deposit issues in old sys­tems. New or old, large or small, we have the expe­ri­ence nec­es­sary to achieve these goals. Deposits in the form of min­eral scale, sludge, mud, bio film and cor­ro­sion increase energy costs and will lead to a short­ened life span of heat­ing and cool­ing systems.

Our approach is ser­vice based. Chem­i­cals are essen­tial to every water treat­ment pro­gram. But they are only effec­tive when com­bined with a good ser­vice and test­ing pro­gram and a close rela­tion­ship with the boiler or plant operator.

The Cost
Prop­erly applied, water treat­ment costs a facil­ity noth­ing. The money spent on prod­ucts and ser­vices are paid for through reduc­tions in energy costs alone. Fur­ther­more, water treat­ment extends the life of the equip­ment and reduces repairs.
HEATING SYSTEMS: If deposits are allowed to build up in heat­ing sys­tems the trans­fer of heat from the burn­ers will be impeded. These deposits cause the boiler burn­ers to run longer to heat the boiler water. If allowed to get too thick the boiler steel will crack or rup­ture. This means expen­sive boiler repair or total replace­ment.
COOLING SYSTEMS: In air con­di­tion­ing sys­tems, these deposits build up inside the chiller and cause higher elec­tric costs. If they get too thick the air con­di­tion­ing will auto­mat­i­cally shut down on very hottest days. This means the chiller has to be opened and the tubes cleaned out at a high cost.

Apart­ment or office build­ing owner/manager?

Our com­mer­cial water treat­ment ser­vices are essen­tial to man­age­ment com­pa­nies and own­ers that can­not afford full-time, licensed boiler and cool­ing sys­tem oper­a­tors. We are not a repair com­pany. But we do know a lot about heat­ing and cool­ing sys­tems. In many cases our water treat­ment tech­ni­cians are the only ones with this knowl­edge reg­u­larly observ­ing the sys­tems. This is espe­cially impor­tant for our clients who own or man­age apart­ment and office build­ings and may not employ a full-time plant oper­a­tor. We have saved our cus­tomers hun­dreds of thou­sands of dol­lars over the years just by notic­ing prob­lems that, left alone, would have become costly repairs.