Hydro-Chem Corporation is a Cleveland, Ohio based, locally owned and operated water treatment company. Serving the region since 1972 we specialize in treating steam and hot water boiler systems, cooling water systems (cooling towers, chillers, and closed loops) for both industrial and commercial properties.

Our goal is to prevent corrosion and deposits from occurring in these systems and solve corrosion and deposit issues in old systems. New or old, large or small, we have the experience necessary to achieve these goals. Deposits in the form of mineral scale, sludge, mud, bio film and corrosion increase energy costs and will lead to a shortened life span of heating and cooling systems.

Our approach is service based. Chemicals are essential to every water treatment program. But they are only effective when combined with a good service and testing program and a close relationship with the boiler or plant operator.

The Cost
Properly applied, water treatment costs a facility nothing. The money spent on products and services are paid for through reductions in energy costs alone. Furthermore, water treatment extends the life of the equipment and reduces repairs.
HEATING SYSTEMS: If deposits are allowed to build up in heating systems the transfer of heat from the burners will be impeded. These deposits cause the boiler burners to run longer to heat the boiler water. If allowed to get too thick the boiler steel will crack or rupture. This means expensive boiler repair or total replacement.
COOLING SYSTEMS: In air conditioning systems, these deposits build up inside the chiller and cause higher electric costs. If they get too thick the air conditioning will automatically shut down on very hottest days. This means the chiller has to be opened and the tubes cleaned out at a high cost.

Apartment or office building owner/manager?

Our commercial water treatment services are essential to management companies and owners that cannot afford full-time, licensed boiler and cooling system operators. We are not a repair company. But we do know a lot about heating and cooling systems. In many cases our water treatment technicians are the only ones with this knowledge regularly observing the systems. This is especially important for our clients who own or manage apartment and office buildings and may not employ a full-time plant operator. We have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years just by noticing problems that, left alone, would have become costly repairs.